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Ford & International Power Stroke Diesels

7.3L Power Stroke

6.0L Power Stroke

6.4L Power Stroke

7.3L Power Stroke - Introduced mid-model year 1994, the 7.3L Power Stroke had a tremendous impact on the light & medium duty diesel industry, setting the standards for reliability, longevity, and performance.

6.0L Power Stroke - Manufactured by International Navistar, the 6.0L was released for 2003 to meet stricter emissions standards and completely replaced the 7.3L for the 2004 MY.

6.4L Power Stroke - To further comply with increasingly stricter emissions regulations, the 6.4L was introduced for the 2008 MY. It featured a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to minimize particulate emissions.

6.7L Power Stroke

4.5L Power Stroke

3.2L Power Stroke

6.7L Power Stroke - The 6.7L Power Stroke is Ford's first in-house built diesel. Aside from being the most powerful Power Stroke to date, it utilizes SCR technology to minimize NOx emissions.

4.5L Power Stroke - The 4.5L Power Stroke, or VT 275, is essentially a V-6 version of the 6.0L Power Stroke. It was built specifically for use in International and Ford cab-over box trucks.

3.2L Power Stroke - Based on Ford's European "DuraTorq" engine, the 3.2L Power Stroke is an inline 5 cylinder diesel engine optional in Ford's Transit van for the 2014 model year.


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